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    Innovative products not only quality, but also the pursuit of perfection

    Our Advantage

    Create the Future

    • H A Q
      H A Q
      Customer needs are our goal
      Continuous research and development to create customer satisfaction products and services

      Through the European CE safety certification, to provide the world customers with the highest cost-effective vacuum pump!
      With the world's most advanced Japanese OKUMA-BYJC vertical processing center and testing equipment!
      Ruby with the quality of the first line brand, the price of the second line brand, the future will become the industry's surpasser and leader!
    • D T D S
      D T D S
      Professional engineering solutions, free home customization
      Free delivery solutions are provided, cost-effective, competitive prices, and money-saving. At least 10 years of experience in fluid delivery, we can choose more suitable products for you.
    • A S S G
      A S S G
      Quick and thoughtful one-stop energy saving hosting service for you
      Answer your call 24 hours a day, and solve your problems at any time


    Satisfying customers is our pursuit


    Enterprise development, hand in hand with you, I move forward together

    • Advantages of sludge-free rotary pump

      1.Due to the special structure, the delivery of the medium in the sludge non-blocking cam rotor pump is relatively short, unlike the screw pump, which...

    • Selection skills of cam rotor pump

      The lobe rotor pump is a positive displacement pump for conveying high-viscosity materials, so how do you choose a lobe pump suitable for your own mat...

    • Cam rotor pump transmission mode

      The cam rotor pump is suitable for food, medical, daily chemical, sludge, crude oil, environmental protection, fire protection, water supply and drain...

    • The requirements of the sliding vane pump for the motor

      Requirements of explosion-proof sliding vane pump unit for motor Low-voltage motors shall be high-efficiency energy-saving motors, and their efficienc...

    • The development trend of sliding vane pump

      The sliding vane pump has good cavitation performance and self-priming ability, can operate without cavitation, eliminates environmental pollution and...

    • Sliding vane pump production

      The production operations of the sliding vane pump cover are as follows: 1. Preparations (pump cover) 1.1 The operator should wear protective labor pr...

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    Address:Songtunzi Village, Botou City, Hebei Province
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